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Our Menu


  • Vegetable Samosa
    Light pastry pocket filled with a mixture of delicately spice vegetables

  • Meat Samosa
    Light pastry pocket filled a mixture of delicately spiced vegetables with lamb mince

  • Vegetable Pakora
    Mixed vegetable with Indian herbs and spices

  • Aloo Tikki
    Mashed potatoes, green peas, fresh coriander, herbs and spices

  • Onion Bhajee
    Fritters of onion rings and vegetables

  • Spicy Potato
    Mashed spicy potato balls



Specialities (from the Tandoor)

  • Chicken Tikka
    Boneless fillets of chicken marinated in herbs, spices and yoghurt, cooked in the Tandoor

  • Tandoori Chicken 1/4
    Chicken Pie (leg and breast) marinated in herbs, spices and yoghurt, cooked in tandoor


Mixed Curries

  • Curries served on Rice
  • Choice of 1-3 vegetarian curries served on Rice
  • Choice of 1-3 meat or combination




  • Mixed Vegetables (Mild)
  •  Seasonal vegetables cooked in a selected blend of herbs and spices


  • Aloo Matar (Mild)
  •  Peas and potatoes cooked in selection of spices with fresh tomato


  • Dhal (Mild)
  • Lentils cooked Indian style


  • White Cholay (Medium hot)
  • White chickpeas cooked in selection of spices


  • Vegetable Korma (Mild)
  • Fresh seasonal vegetables in a mild spiced cashew nut sauce


  • Palak Paneer (Medium hot)
  • Indian ricotta cheese and chopped spinach cooked with Indian herbs and hot spices


  • Eggplant and Potato (Medium hot)
  • Potatoes and eggplant cooked with Indian herbs and spices


  • Mushroom and Peas (Mild)
  • Button mushrooms with fresh garden peas


  • Mixed Dhal (Mild)
  • A mixture of four different type of lentils cooked Indian style


  • Butter Chicken (Mild)
    Tender pieces of chicken lightly cooked in the Tandoor and finished with our specialtity prepared spiced sauce
  • Chicken Curry (Medium hot)
    Boneless chicken pieces marinated with spices & cooked in a rich curry sauce
  • Mango Chicken (Mild)
    Boneless pieces of chicken with chef’s special prepared sauce & mango
  • Chicken Tikka Masala (Medium Hot)
    Boneles tandoori chicken roasted in a tomato & onion masala garnished with tomotos & capsicum
  • Chicken Korma (Mild)
  • Boneless chicken fillets cooked in mild cashew gravy





  • Lamb Curry (Mild)
    Diced lamb pices cooked with fresh tomatoes, herbs and spices
  • Lamb Madras (Medium hot)
    Diced lamb cooked in coconut milk & spices
  • Lamb Saagwalla (Medium hot) (on order only)
    Diced lamb cooked in spinach & spices



  • Beef Korma (Medium)
    Beef cooked in mild cream & cashew nut spices sauce
  • Beef Vindaloo (Very hot)
    Diced beef marinated & cooked with traditional vindaloo paste


    • Naan
      Plain flour bread cooked in Tandoor served hot with a touch of butter

    • Garlic Naan
      Naan with garlic and coriander

    • Cheese Naan
      Naan filled with cheese

    • Cheese and Garlic Naan
      Naan filled with cheese topped with garlic, and coriander

    • Peshwari Naan
      Sweet bread filled with dried fruits and nuts

    • Aloo Paratha
      Bread made from potatoes, wholemeal flour, peas and Indian herbs with fresh coriander

    • Keema Paratha
      Naan filled with lamb mince and Indian herbs with fresh coriander

    • Bhatura
      Bread made from plain flour, deep fried in oil (on order only)

    • Roti (Chapatti)
      Flat bread made with wholemeal flour




    • Rice

    • Rice with sauce



    Side Dishes

    • Mint Sauce
      Delicious mint chutney blended with yoghurt

    • Mango Chutney

    • Mixed Pickles

    • Mango Pickles

    • Lime Pickles

    • Hot Chilli Pickles



    • Green Chilli Sauce 
    • Raita
    • Homemade yoghurt and cucumber





    • Gulab Jamun
      Delicious milk balls cooked in sweet rose water syrup

    • Mango Kulfi
      Home made icecream with mango flavour

    • Plain Kulfi
      Home made Indian icecream

    • Barfi
    • Indian cheese cake




    • Plain Lassi

    • Mango Lassi

    • Rose Lassi

    • Masala Tea (Chai)



    • Soft Drinks